25 Tips for Travelling with a Baby

We recently took our little girl on her first family holiday and it was also her first time on an aeroplane. It took a lot of planning but we had a wonderful little family holiday. Here are 25 tips and tricks we learned that will hopefully help you.

  1. Prepare! Research the best family friendly destinations, family friendly apartments, locations with loads of walking tracks or places to visit. For example, zoos and beaches are great options. You don’t want to waste time and money taking your baby to places they will not enjoy.
  2. Plan your travel methods (plane, train, car etc.) and travel times to suit your baby, think about how you will get from A to B once you’re at your location (car rentals, buses). Start a packing list or a to do list to ensure you don’t forget anything.
  3. Pack early. There’s nothing worse than the last minute scramble to pack items the morning of the journey, you will be frazzled and you will forget things!
  4. If you’re travelling by aeroplane pack a carry-on bag for your bubba including: food & snacks, spoons, water, bottle, bibs, spit rag, toys, medicine, change of clothes, nappies & nappy cream and wet wipes. Our little girl got really restless so the constant change of activities from bottles to water to snacks to toys and back to a bottle really helped to pass the time.
  5. Check the rules and baggage allowances with the airline. Ensure you don’t get charged for additional baggage by understanding your allowances prior to travelling. Ask your airline what you can bring i.e. prams, sears etc. Some allow them and some may charge you extra.
  6. Take a baby carrier! You have to check-in your pram prior to passing security so a baby carrier ensures an easier journey through to your departure gate. Baby carriers are also fantastic for sightseeing, trips to the beach, hiking or just walking around the local shopping centres and markets.
  7. Kids can get sore ears as the cabin pressure changes. Due to this, doctors recommend giving the child something to suck on to help alleviate the pressure build up in their ears. We gave our little girl a bottle and some snacks and it really helped to not only keep her entertained but to ward off any earaches. Check with your doctor about what to give your baby prior to take off.
  8. Book a baby friendly apartment or suite. We recommend a self-contained apartment including a lounge, laundry and kitchen to give you the freedom to cook your own food, sterilise bottles, use the microwave, wash your clothes and have a fridge handy for snacks and water.
  9. Ensure you’re happy with the number of rooms you’ve booked. We made the mistake of getting a single room as we thought it would be fine sleeping in the same room as our baby. Oh how wrong we were! My husband and our baby kept waking each other up throughout the night and it was difficult showering in the adjacent ensuite at night without waking her up.
  10. Do a grocery shop once you arrive. Leave the nappies, formula, snacks and food at home and go shopping once you arrive. You have enough to pack without worrying about the stuff you can buy upon arrival.
  11. Try the fresh local cuisine. We went to a tropical destination and we tried loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, it turns out our baby loves fresh tropical fruit salad (and Mexican food but that’s a different story).
  12. If you’re holidaying in a warm climate ensure your rooms are adequately air-conditioned. Our apartment was air-conditioned however the bedroom still got really hot in the afternoon which made our babies’ afternoon nap impossible!
  13. Stick to a schedule! You won’t be able to enjoy yourselves sightseeing or dining out if your little one is overtired and having a meltdown. Adjust where you need to, for example, naps in the car.
  14. Adjust your schedule for time zone changes. Even if its 1 hour your baby will have to adjust. One hour doesn’t sound like a big deal but our little girl wasn’t coping with the change. As we were only holiday for a week we brought forward our little girls schedule by 1 hour, local time. This meant she could still eat and sleep when she was used to doing so and it wasn’t hard readjusting to her normal schedule upon returning.
  15. Try to rent car seats and portacots (and prams if available) at your destination. We rented a car including an infant car seat and we asked our hotel to provide a portacot. It was great not having to lug around the additional heavy luggage. *Tip: ensure you ask for a rear facing car seat if this is your preference as some car rentals install forward facing only*
  16. Confirm all of your bookings and hired items. We had to confirm the car seat and travel cot as both companies forgot about the additional requirements.
  17. If you’re still sterilising bottles don’t pack your steriliser. Simply boil the bottles on the stove or pop them in the microwave with some water, it saves you bringing along yet another appliance.
  18. Pack enough clothing for the climate. We bought loads of Bonds summer suits prior to traveling and we’re glad we did! We thought we’d gone overboard but we were changing her numerous times per day because of all the sunscreen, chlorine, sand and food mishaps.
  19. Slip, Slop, Slap! Don’t be caught out, even if you think you’ll avoid the sun (in prams etc.) ensure you slather on that sunscreen, give them long sleeve 50+ SPF bathers to wear and a wide brimmed hat. You don’t want to run the risk of baby sunburn!
  20. Eat out early. Enjoy the local restaurants early so that your bubba can join in and enjoy their meal with you. Our little girl kept having tantrums in restaurants and we kept cutting our dinner short until we realised that she just wanted to try the food! She had some Mexican and LOVED it. We were really surprised.
  21. If you can’t eat out – order in. With numerous food delivery services it’s easy to enjoy meals in your apartment, we loved Uber eats!
  22. Pack additional bottles, food and snacks for daytrips. You may decide to stay out longer than anticipated and wish that you packed that additional bottle.
  23. Pack or hire a small portable highchair. We didn’t and all our babies meals were on the floor or in her pram, things got messy really quickly.
  24. Don’t be afraid to get out and about! Go for daytrips and enjoy everything the destination has to offer. Adjust your babies nap schedule to suit your days or hopefully your bubba will sleep in the car. Our little one didn’t nap while out and about but it didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves and seeing some amazing attractions.
  25. Make sure you enjoy your holiday, try some local wine or do a little bit of indulgent shopping for yourself. It’s not all about baby, you need to come back feeling refreshed and relaxed too.

Laura xx


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