Top 10 Pointless Baby Buys

The baby product industry is booming in Australia at the moment. Parents are spending money like never before on their precious bundles of joy… and why wouldn’t you? There are some amazing items that really do make your life a lot easier.

A lot of products out there unfortunately are a complete waste of money. Here is our list of Top 10 Pointless Baby Buys that just didn’t work for us;


Wipe warmer

Yes babies don’t enjoy cold wipes, especially in the middle of winter however a wipe warmer isn’t your answer!! They can dry out the wipes and their additional electrical cords will only add to the ‘baby proofing’ later on. Simply hold the wipes between your hands for 10 seconds before using them on bubba or use a fresh face cloth with warm water each time. There is absolutely no need for pricey warmers.



Yes they look cute but do you really want to spend money on something they will wear for ten minutes before kicking off? The amount of times I have panicked wondering where my little girl has kicked off her $20 shoes and scrambling to find them! They aren’t worth it.


Car window socks

We wanted to tint our car windows to ensure our little angel wasn’t burned by the hot Australian sun but window tinting is quite expensive so we opted for the popular window socks. At first they were great, they looked good and did the job but soon enough we realised that they obscured the vision out of the window dramatically. I would say for us they were very dangerous, I had to really concentrate to see through the material which turned a 2 second glance into a 5-6 second glance which isn’t ideal on the road. They also come loose after a while and flap in the wind making a really annoying sound. Invest in long term solution of window tint and save yourself the trouble.


Infant bath tubs

Yes they’re small so they save money on water and they’re easy to bath your baby in, however, the downsides aren’t worth it;


  • Emptying the water can be difficult/annoying
  • Some models can be huge, where do you store them?
  • They don’t last long, if you have a big baby you may only get 4-5 months out of them
  • You can use a sink for free!


Expensive infant clothes

Everyone says it but you don’t believe it until you experience it – babies grow out of clothes at the speed of light. I made the mistake of getting carried away and buying some expensive clothing from higher end baby shops and we got maybe one or two wears out of them if we were lucky. Don’t waste your cash! Go to K-Mart or Target for new clothes or use hand-me-downs. It’s just money down the toilet!


Nappy bin

At first our nappy bin was awesome (despite the expensive refills), it was easy to stash the nappies in the bin next to the change table and empty the bin once every couple of days. However as our angel got older and started on solids the bin began to smell almost immediately.

This change of stage mixed with the rising summer temperatures ended in the bin living in the hallway never being used. Save your money and use a small plastic bag you can empty each night.


Small bibs

Bibs need to do their job which is prevent our babies clothing from becoming soiled from spew and food – small bibs just don’t cut it. You need big absorbent bibs for spew and plastic backed bibs for solids. Yes, a small bib can be used for in-between those times but it just results in more washing.


Tummy time toys and pillows

Yes they’re cute (a beautiful gift) and you will use them but if you’re tight on cash just use a rolled up blanket or towel, they do the same job!



Small blankets, muslins and wraps

We used our muslins for covering the pram, wrapping the baby and placing on the floor for our angel to play on – they need to be big. Don’t waste your money on tiny wraps and blankets!


Dummies – If your baby doesn’t like them

Some babies love dummies and its definitely money well spent – we get that! However wait until your baby is here and trial one or two dummies before buying too many. Some bubs reject the dummy and parents end up with a stock of useless dummies. Also, sometimes babies prefer a particular brand, hence trial them before stocking up.


xx Laura


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