Our ‘Top 10’ Best Baby Buys


Welcome to Our ‘Top 10’ Best Baby Buys! This list doesn’t include all the mandatory items (prams, car seats etc…) just the optional stuff that may make your life easier. We are not sponsored by any brands and do not endorse any brands or companies for financial gain whatsoever.


Portable bottle warmer

I got really frustrated while out and about having to ask for hot water or microwaves so heat my baby’s bottle – then I found the portable Tommee Tippee bottle warmer. This was a game changer! All you need to do is add some hot water and chuck it in your nappy bag and you can heat your bottles on the go on your own time.



Dummy clips

My bubba quite literally used to spit the dummy all the time, I was constantly bending down scrounging around for her dummies under tables, in grocery aisles and around the car until I found the almighty dummy clip. Avent have a plastic dummy clip that hooks on to the dummy and attaches to the bib without any strings or annoying rusting metal clips, I love this one!



Boon Grass

Yes I mentioned this in the baby organisation tips and I’m mentioning it again! Boon grass is amazing! You just hang all of the washed baby bottles, dummies, syringes and cups on the grass and they’re drying in a clean environment and not cluttering up your dishwashing rack space.



Terry towelling nappies

My baby had reflux and my life turned into spewmaggedon. Bibs weren’t cutting it, we needed reinforcement so I purchased the old fashioned terry towelling nappies and used them as spit rags. A big pack contains around 12 towels which is plenty and they wash up beautifully. TIP: to keep them looking nice and bright soak them in nappy sand once a week.






Angel Care motion sensor monitor

I was adamant that I wasn’t going to waste money on any gadgets that I didn’t think I needed. Then it was time to move bubba in to her own room and suddenly I panicked and needed reassurance and that’s when my friend told me to get an Angelcare Motion sensor monitor. They’re easy to fit under the mattress, you simply switch it on once bubba is in bed and it will beep if there is no motion such as breathing for 20 or so seconds. It really gives myself and my husband peace of mind and made the transition into her own room much easier.


Pram toys

My bubba refused to be in her pram in the beginning, she hated it. I decided to try some pram toys and they were a hit! We got a string toy that hangs across the bar and also some little ones that hang off the hood, they keep her entertained and look cute on the pram too.



Aiden and Anais Blanket

We were gifted a beautiful Aiden and Anais blanket and it’s just beautiful. They’re big, soft and have gorgeous prints. We used ours for the pram, in the car, a play mat and in the cot on cooler nights. The more you wash them the softer they get, they are just beautiful.


Play gym

Our little girl absolutely loved her little play gym, she loved batting the toys around and staring at all of the colours and animals. They’re a real life saver for when you need bub entertained while you nip off to make yourself a cup of coffee or even to put down next to the shower while you wash that greasy new born mumma mop.


Microwave Steriliser

We don’t have much bench space so we decided to purchase a microwave steriliser and we love it. It’s small, easy to use and best of all it’s portable for those little family weekends away. Don’t waste money on electric sterilisers, the microwave ones are fantastic.



Animal play mats

The animal playmats are gorgeous and so soft for tiny baby’s to play on. They wash well and are portable for mother group playdates when you want to ensure your baby doesn’t vomit on someone else’s carpet! We bought an elephant one and our little angel just loves snuggling up on it with a book.


xx Laura

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