New baby organisation tips (How to make your life easier) – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our New Baby Organisation Tips. If you missed the handy tips we covered in Part 1 you will find them here.


If you are bottle feeding clean and sterilise all of the bottles at night, boil the kettle and once cooled fill all the bottles and place in the fridge overnight. This way they are all ready for you the next day and you won’t have to rush around cleaning and sterilising while your baby is crying for a feed.

If you use breast pumps did you know that you can place the pumps and bottles into a zip lock bag and place in the fridge between pumps? You will then only need to wash once at night – this saves A LOT of time mummas.


If your baby loves a dummy, buy spares and store them all over the house. We had some in the feeding baskets, in each room, next to the couch, in the car and in the nappy bags. The amount of times the spare dummies in the car saved me from a meltdown I will never know…



Buy a bath toy bag to store all of your baby’s bath toys. After each bath squeeze all of the water out of the bath toys to ensure they don’t grow mould inside.



Keep your baby’s shampoos, soaps, face washers, wipes and water thermometer in a little caddy by their bath. This is especially helpful if your baby is young and being bathed in different places such as a portable bath, then a shower with daddy and then eventually in the family bath.



Buy a portable toy basket – we bought a cheap wicker laundry basket from K-mart and place all of the toys in there each night before bed. It’s easy to cart around the house or even outside if needed and makes the house feel clean again once all the toys are packed up.



If you find that you change your baby all around the house buy a portable trolley such as the IKEA Raskog trolley. It includes 3 shelves, I placed two small baskets in each section to store the nappies, wipes, creams, cloths etc. You can move it from room to room making it easy and convenient for all nappy changes.



I hope some of these tips have helped you! Stay tunes for Older baby tips and tricks coming soon.

xx Laura

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