New baby organisation tips (How to make your life easier) – Part 1

What I learnt being a new mum is that I needed to be organised in order to function on my own with the baby throughout the day. I’m going to share some tips with you to help you navigate those first few months to make it as easy as possible for you. I have a lot of shortcuts I’ve used so I’ve spread it out over two blogs;


If your baby is sleeping in your room, set up the change table and a clothing draw in there also. This will save you from trekking up and down the house for nappy changes, clothes changes, spew towels etc.

Have a feeding basket handy so you can carry it around the house depending on where you feed your bubba. If your breastfeeding fill it with your nipple cream, nipple shields, breast pads, soothing pads, wipes, spew cloths, snacks and bottle of water. If you’re bottle feeding fill it will spew cloths, snacks, bottle warmer (Tommee Tippee zip up warmers were ideal for us) and a bottle of water.


Set up a washing and drying station in your kitchen;

We bought a plastic dish container and placed it in the sink to simply fill with the dirty bottles, breast pumps, dummies, syringes throughout the day. I would then wash the contents mid-morning and then late at night before bed.

We purchased the Boon grass drying rack which we found invaluable! You can buy the little trees and flower accessories too, they’re great to hang the dummies out to dry.

Leave your steriliser near the sink so you can wash the items and place straight into the steriliser to save you time. Once sterilised place the items on the Boon grass.


Organise the baby’s clothes by size. Everyone would have told you this but until you experience it you won’t believe how quickly it happens – babies grow soooo fast!

If you don’t make a point of dressing your baby in all of the outfits while they fit they will soon grow out of them.You can use clothing dividers for the wardrobe, they come in most sizes from 5x 0’s to 1, 18 months and 2 years. I also separated the sizes in the chest of drawers by using one drawer per size.



Set up your babies change table (or change area) with baskets of frequently used items. Our change table has 6 baskets containing;

  • Nappies
  • Accessories basket containing; nappy rash creams, wipes, moisturiser, nail clippers, thermometer, massage oils, any medications, baby hair brush
  • Spew cloths (we use the old fashioned terry towelling nappies – they are fantastic!
  • Nappy change mat covers
  • Muslin wraps/sleep suits & blankets
  • Bulk wipe replacement (get a Huggies wipe dispenser and then refill with wipes of your choice, store them in the change table for easy access)


If your baby requires medications or remedies such as gripe waters, Infacol, Panadol, Nurofen, Coloxyl, Bonjela – you might want a separate medication basket. Our little angel suffers from reflux so we used infacol and gripe water regularly. I placed the medication basket (including clean syringes) on the bench next to my Boon grass so I could add to the bottles as I needed.

I hope that at least 1 of these tips helped you reclaim some time and stay tuned for Part 2 of our New Baby Organisation Tips.

xx Laura

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