Top 5 Current Nursery Themes

Choosing a nursery or kids bedroom theme can be daunting if you haven’t decorated a kids room before, (especially if you don’t know the gender of your baby!)

Below are some popular themes which may inspire you:

  1. Floral

This is a hot theme for little girls at the moment. We’re seeing a lot of neutral coloured walls and furniture paired with bold statement pieces such as floral chandeliers, floral letters or floral mobiles. To soften the room you add fluffy cushions, sheep’s wool rugs, textured chairs and ottomans, pastel bedding and soft furnishings to match the colour of the flowers (photo frames, wooden blocks, soft toys etc.).  Polka dot decals really finish the room nicely too!

  1. Woodlands

This is a bold theme but oh so cute! Woodlands is all about (you guessed it), the Woodlands! Choose a lot of rustic woods, red foxes, brown bears, grey wolves and those cute little alpine mountains shelves. You would want to aim for a big centrepiece such as woodland wallpaper or an alpine bear image on the wall and add to it with raw wooden furniture, soft toys, themed shelves and a rustic rug or throw. 

  1. Unicorns

Unicorns are everywhere right now and we can see why, the pastel colours and whimsical theme is so cute (especially for little girl’s nurseries). For this one you would want to go for a big statement piece such as a mint green coloured chest of drawers as your statement piece, an ombre rainbow wallpaper and a large unicorn print. To add the “whimsical” element you could add a canopy with fairy lights, a large cloud mobile and lots of glitter soft furnishings such as cushions. 

  1. Hot air balloon

Hot air balloons are very different and so cute, the theme is based around; “Explore. Dream & Discover”. The centrepiece for this one has to be hanging a collection of hot air balloons above the cot or adding bold hot air balloon wallpaper. You can select a colour palette of pinks, mints and greys for girls and bolder primary colours or neutrals for boys. You then build on your colour selection for example add some white cloud shelves, fluffy rugs, cloud mobiles, coloured flag bunting, framed maps (of your favourite cities to add a personal touch) and basic neutral bedding.

  1. Simple colour theme

An easy colour theme is good idea if you don’t know if you’re having a boy or girl. It’s also really simple to choose your colour palette and then purchase décor based on the colours with minimal decorating experience. Pinks, Gold’s and Creams are really popular right now for example. You can easily decorate your little ones room with pink bedding, gold wall décor and cream cushions and furniture. It makes it really easy to then collect little bits and pieces from a range of shops as long as they match your colours. Avoid choosing more than three colours in your colour theme (although you can vary the shades).

xx Laura

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