We’ve launched our webstore!!

Hello everyone!

I am so giddy with excitement to finally announce the launch of our brand spanking new Zara&Peach webstore! I’m very proud of the Zara&Peach crew who tirelessly worked on everything from the ground up; our product designs, material procurement, logo design, branding, logistics, social media, marketing and e-commerce website.

To think that this all started from a fun foray into nursery décor design while I was heavily pregnant and waiting on my little Zara to enter this world! I couldn’t find the décor I wanted and I looked high and low. I decided to design my own with my nursery colour palette and I was really impressed if I do say so myself! My family and friends saw her nursery and fell in love with the items I created for her, many people kept nudging me and inspiring me to start a business, so I did.

I found a real sense of calmness and joy when creating the products. I love making these beautiful nursery and bedroom items for littlies to enjoy, they’re so original and really make a room pop!

I knew that if I was going to design and create a product it would need to look amazing and the materials would need to be of a great quality. I spent a lot of time sourcing beautiful flowers from over 40+ suppliers, it was all trial and error and incredibly hard but so worth it to achieve the beautiful and unique look that I wanted. I rejected many samples and colours and even created my own shade because I just couldn’t find it anywhere.

I hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.

xx Laura

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